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Lake Como: Latest Celebrity Haunt

Celebrity haunts in Europe amidst pretty landscapes and medieval towns is nothing new but when George Clooney picked Lake Como for his summer abode, it garnered a lot of attention from vacationers and celebrities alike. Let us take a closer look at this gorgeous Italian lake district and see why.

Lake Como in Italy has seen a spate of private celebrity events off late. Not surprising since this gorgeous lake surrounded by beautiful hills offers a perfect setting for dreamy weddings with the Alps in the background. There are several villages in the Como district with ease of logistics for guests arriving at venues. Even for tourists looking to take in the stunning views, it is quite convenient to reach and move around.

Getting There

Milan is the preferred city to fly into Italy in order to get to Lake Como. From Milan, you can either rent a car or take the train to Como. When choosing a train lookup the official website – Trenitalia. There are frequent trains from ‘Milan Cardona’ train station to ‘Como Lago’.

Although roads from Milan up to Como are pretty good if you do choose to drive around the lake be prepared for narrow roads and several blind turns with oncoming traffic. It can get a little nervy for the driver when negotiating and you might end up not being able to enjoy the scenery.

Even if you plan to stay in Milan or around Lake Como, you have the convenience of ferries that can take you to any of the villages around. They even allow cars to be ferried across the lake, which is such an advantage if you drive up to one village and decide to visit another all the way on the other side.  The ferries are frequent and tickets can be bought at the booths.

Where to stay

You can choose to stay in Milan and drive to Como, as we did, or you can stay in one of the five main villages – Lenno, Tremezzo, Menaggio, Varenna, Bellagio. Each of these has its own characteristics. Como is a town at the southernmost tip. You can choose this as the base too but you would find yourself having to visit these villages anyways.

Bellagio is pretty and bustling with bars, shops and restaurants. You can get those `gramworthy shots with the Alps in the background.  Varenna is really gorgeous but small. If you like those idle holidays pick either of the other small villages. Not a lot of activity around but refreshing. Be aware though that the accommodations in these areas mostly requires negotiating hilly climbs or descent on foot. Not very comfortable while lugging heavy suitcases.

Beyond the views

The villages in Como province are filled with shops selling local wines, cheese, leather items, perfumes. In Bellagio, you can visit the Basilica of San Giacomo. The stairs to the Basilica are especially worth the effort.

There are several quaint as well as upscale restaurants which serve excellent food. We used to make it a point to visit a different restaurant during our entire stay and were never left disappointed. They were open till late and had the typical Italian casual vibe.


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