5 tips and tricks to book low-cost flights!

Rather than trimming down on my travel budget, I am a person who prefers to find a balance through cheaper flight tickets. I consciously look for flight deals or itineraries that include reduced airfare.

I have had a fair share of flight bookings by travelling insanely for the past 6 months. So, here’s my quick guide on how to be thrifty with your flight bookings.

Search during unconventional hours..

I use Skyscanner to book my flight tickets, and I hit the jackpot, a few times, searching for exotic destinations at bizarre hours. Booking flight tickets really early in the morning or late at night can get you the best deals.

Occasionally, you might find budget airlines coming up with last minute deals (only available for 48 hours). My advice: subscribe to pages on Facebook or Instagram, that are home to such deals. Browsing for low-cost flights on a regular basis really helps. Trust me!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days!

Well, people usually find time to plan their vacations on weekends. The flight companies know that, so they increase the price during that time. Weekends are usually the most expensive time to book any flight.

But, did you know, the airline companies release new seats and deals during Tuesdays and Thursdays, every week. Snap it up when you see it.

Search in Incognito mode

Most of the flight booking websites track your searches and may increase specific fares, the moment you refresh or return. So, the next time you log-in to your favorite flight booking website, going incognito might help (wink!)

Search in different browsers and devices

Yeah, that’s another thing I have noticed and it is quite evident in the screenshot below. User profiling is a tool that is employed in e-commerce. Android users are different from iPhone users. A Mac user surfing on Safari shows different traits from a Windows user on Chrome. There might even be deals for just one set of users. Try out all your options.

When searched on Safari browser. (Source: Eur0ping)

In the screenshot above and below, I tried the same search criteria on Skyscanner from Safari and Chrome. Voila! Chrome shows me a cheaper deal (as seen below). Also, on Chrome, the website offers me a direct flight to Dubrovnik which is missing in Safari (for the exact same search).

Search results on Chrome. (Source: Eur0ping)

Use the keyword ‘EVERYWHERE’

I live in Amsterdam, and love to travel anywhere and everywhere! I’m not so fussy about the place I choose for a long weekend. I believe that almost all the places in the world have something new to offer.

Ever experienced the ‘traveler’s block’ – not knowing where to go but the urge to go somewhere is too strong. Try typing ‘Everywhere’ as the destination on Skyscanner. (as shown in the screenshot above) It will not only quench your wanderlust with interesting options but also tell you which cities/countries have the cheapest flights on specific dates.

This is definitely my favorite feature on Skyscanner which has helped me find some cool places in Europe, without breaking my budget.

Hope these tips on will please both you and your wallet on your next holiday. Happy travelling and keep reading for the latest tips and tricks on travelling smart.

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