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5 Smart Tips to Keep Your Travel Bag Light!

I can’t travel with a lot of luggage; it always blocks my freedom to explore a location. But at the same time, I like the idea of travelling with style. I’m always on a lookout for products and ways with which I can reduce the weight of my luggage and also look good and stylish for my pictures during my trips.

Wearing the denim Bootiez with my ankle boots. Source: Eur0ping

So, in today’s blog post on Eur0ping, I’m going to share few methods and products which I used during my recent trip to the Black Forest. They were compact, affordable and kept my luggage light during my road trip. Hope these tips help you avoid overdoing your packing for your next trip. Take a look at it below:

Bootiez is my new favorite thing, they look so chic! Source: Eur0ping

#1. Choose the right shoes!

Shoes add a lot of weight to your luggage, especially if you’re travelling to a cold place like the Black Forest in the fall season and carrying boots. But, I recently found a good solution for it. I left for the trip wearing comfortable sneakers and packed one of my small ankle size boots with a pair of Bootiez. Bootiez are shoe accessories, something like leg sleeves for your boots. Change the look of your boots with a set of these.

The best part is, you can also wear it on any shoes, or sandals and give it a look of boots. So, you don’t need to pack in all those heavy boots. Just roll up a couple of Bootiez and tuck them comfortably on the side of your bag.

Bootiez are priced around €50 and are easily available online.

Noeran Cosmetics
The travel kit by Noeran cosmetics for my cleansing ritual at night. Source: Eur0ping

#2. Small size travel bottles for cosmetics or cleansing

Irrespective of my travel schedule or how much tired I may be, I’m one person who follows a proper skin care routine. I just cannot go to bed without removing my makeup at night. I need my skin care and cleansing kit with me all the time, as my skin is sensitive and prone to pigmentation and acne breakouts. I was too lazy to shift my cleansing creams into smaller travel bottles, which meant I was carrying bulky cosmetic kits around.

Source: Eur0ping

But recently, I found this organic product range named Noeran cosmetics which has a quite compact travel kit consisting of a cleanser, blemish gel, day and night cream. For me it is useful, effective, keeps my skin balanced during trips and above all, keeps my travel luggage light! I would recommend buying cosmetics with travel handy packs to travel light, or not be lazy bones and just shift those creams into handy travel packs.

smartphone lens
My essential smartphone lens. Source: Eur0ping

#3. Carry the gadgets which you’re really going to use!

Do not carry too many gadgets, especially if you’re not going to use them. Pack the ones which are super necessary!

Pack a tablet instead of a laptop, if you have one. Don’t carry too many wires and adapters, there’s always a fear of losing them. Carry a multi-USB quick charging port coupled with a compact battery pack.

Carry your best compact camera, if you love photography or your smartphone with a lens would be just enough to take some good selfies. Also, if you plan to carry a tripod, try packing a mini one, it’s always lighter and easy to use than the bigger one. If you like to splurge just buy a Gopro!

#4. Wear your bulkiest jacket, instead of packing it

I like to have at least a couple of options in jackets for a week’s trip during winters. So I make sure to wear the bulkiest one while travelling on flights to save up on the extra baggage cost.

#5 Handbags – stick to sling bags or mini backpacks

I am no different from all the girls out there who have an inseparable bond with their handbag. Besides carrying all my essentials and sometimes also carry a swimwear, for that elusive pristine lake that I might just discover, they accessorize my look.

I try carrying two options, just to break the monotony. My goto during long travels are sling bags and mini backpacks. I find them more comfortable and useful than bulky handbags. Tucked on my shoulders, keeping my hands free for clicking away all those travel pictures.

I hope these tips will help you plan your perfect trip. I would love to know if you found the article useful. Share your thoughts in the comment’s section below. Also, if you’ve some additional thoughts and suggestions, do share with me, I’m all ears in that case

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